Blog Photography

Portraits, close-ups and lifestyle shots for your blog

Do you need professional photos for your blog?

Good blogs always have good photos. It's an easy rule in theory, but in practice, it can be tough! You've got to deal with complicated cameras and lighting conditions, all while trying to get the perfect outfit shot. Plus, there's only so many times your parents or partner will play the role of photographer before getting impatient.

Your blog should show off your personality and style in an Instagram-friendly way. That's why I'm offering affordable, natural photoshoots for bloggers and influencers in the East Midlands.

Scroll through the gallery below to see some images from my latest blogger shoots:

What happens before, during and after the shoot?

Before we arrange a shoot, I'll look through your blog and social media channels to get to know your style. Then I'll think about what locations, colours and poses to incorporate into the shoot.

I also like to meet for coffee on the day, before we start shooting. That way, we can discuss what you're after in terms of style, and any particular shots that you'd like me to take. It also gives us a chance to chat and get more comfortable around each other before the camera comes out. 

During the shoot, we'll walk around and find areas that will complement your blog's visual style. I tend to choose three or four locations, spending five or ten minutes in each. I prefer using less busy streets, as I know crowds can be off-putting.

I'll help you relax and pose, so you don't have to worry about having modelling experience! The best photos are always the most natural ones, so I usually avoid doing too much rigid directing.

After the shoot, I'll edit the best photos and send them over via Google Drive. I send two different sizes - one sized for Instagram (1080 pixels on the short edge) and a larger version that is better for blogs and general use.


The cost of a shoot starts at £35 for an hour, including 10 edited images. An additional 15 images can be purchased for an extra £10.

Do you need a chilled out, natural photoshoot for your blog or Instagram feed? Drop me an email and we can arrange a shoot!