A Car Park Photoshoot with Daisily

Rarely does a week go by when I haven't climbed to the top of at least one Nottingham car park. No, I'm not a hobbyist with a passion for multi-storeys. I'm just a man on a mission to take portraits.

This particular time, it was a bright evening but the sun was dropping rapidly. Nottingham's many high-rise buildings cast long shadows across the city, so finding the perfect light was a challenge. Our solution? Go up and catch the last rays from on high.

The lighting wasn't the only factor to deal with, though. When we climbed the (predictably grim) staircase and arrived at the top of the car park, the wind was unrelenting. That made the top level pretty much unusable.

The shots in this blog post were all taken one floor down, where we salvaged the last of the light whilst keeping the wind at bay. I have to say, viewing Nottingham from that height made me appreciate it even more. The buildings, from the ultra-modern to the near-ancient, and the surrounding countryside make for pleasant viewing from a few storeys up.

So even if you're not after some late-evening portraits, I'd definitely recommend venturing up high now and then. See your city from a new perspective and you might grow to love it that little bit extra.

Thanks to Molly, who blogs at Daisily, for being a patient model even when the wind was blowing her fringe in all kinds of ungodly directions. You're a trooper.