Falling in Love with Film Photography

I'm on a film hype.

Since discovering the Negative Feedback YouTube channel, I've been inspired to get back out there with my old (broken) 35mm film camera. It's completely changed the way I take photos, and I've regained a buzz for photography that I haven't had for a long time.

Molly on a neon background

When shooting film, you've got to be picky. I find myself bringing the camera to my eye, examining the scene before me, and putting it back down without depressing the shutter. I never do that with digital. With a D-SLR, you can shoot willy-nilly and all it costs is a few megabytes on your hard drive.

BUNK. Neon at night.

What type of film do I use?

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I've been shooting with Poundland's finest: Agfa Vista 200. It's so much better than I was expecting. The reds are bold and the blues are pretty dreamy. Not bad for a quid.

The photos in this post are a mix of Agfa Vista 200 and Fujifilm Superia 400. I got a few rolls of the latter for my birthday and I'm pretty impressed with that, too. The bottom photo is taken using the Fujifilm and I'm amazed at how it's coped with that deep, neon red.

My problem with scanning film

This might be sacrilege, but I got the photographs on this blog developed in Boots. I added some 6x4 prints too, mainly because I was intrigued. With the first roll of film I got developed there, I also used their scanning service.

I won't make that mistake again. 

Plants on a white background

The "high res" files were around 500kb. That's just about enough to print off a postage stamp. As a result, the photos were pixelated as hell and pretty much unusable. After a quick search around Nottingham, it appeared that there were no other options unless I want to post my negatives.

So, for this set of photos, I went meta and took photographs of the printed photographs. You can see a bit of glare in a couple of the shots, but they're just for kicks at the moment anyway. I might decide to splash out on a scanner in future, or use the postal service that a bunch of companies offer. Until then, I'm happy with re-shooting my prints.

But if anyone knows a place to scan 35mm negatives in Nottingham, get in touch. I'll buy you a roll of Agfa Vista 200 in return.

Portrait on a carpark.
Carpark blues.
Molly on pink and blue.