New Camera: The First Proper Test

A couple of weeks ago I took the plunge and bought a new camera. I'd been after a full frame Nikon for years, but only took the plunge recently when I found a deal that was too good to pass up on. The camera? A shiny new (used) Nikon D600.

I'll get round to writing a proper review once I've put it through its paces, but here are a few first impressions and some sample images.

First impressions of the Nikon D600

  • The depth of field is non-existent (in a good way). I'm having to stop myself from taking every single photo at f2.8 because it looks so damn nice.
  • I can use higher ISOs for the first time ever. Anything above ISO 800 on my old camera was dodgy. I can push the D600 to 6400 and still get relatively useable results. My tripod has been momentarily retired.
  • I've had a bit of a problem with underexposed images. My preliminary test shots looked a little dark, and then I went out shooting today and found the same thing. I had to push the exposure compensation to +1 before I felt happy with the exposure. This might be unique to my copy, but I'd be interested to hear if others have experienced the same thing.

A few sample images

When I get round to it, I'll post some low-light comparison shots against my old camera. In the meantime, here are some moderately edited daytime shots, taken in Nottingham city centre.

A green tree on an industrial background.
A street lamp on top of a car park in Nottingham.
A close up photography of chipped-paint railings.
Scenes from the top of a car park in Nottingham, England.
A dented garage door in Nottingham, England.