Tiny plants and a friendly dog

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting with a great little independent plant shop in Nottingham - The Watered Garden. They're based in Sneinton Market, a hub of cool, creative businesses.

Here are some of the shots I took on the day. If you can't guess, the last one is my favourite. I imagine it will be yours, too.

That last one is of Ezra, a top class shop dog. He licked my face, but I didn't even mind. 

If you're in Nottingham and you're after some plants (or want to spend some time with a friendly and very photogenic dog), get down to Sneinton Market and pay The Watered Garden a visit. 

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Flowers, Laughs and Heathcliff | Blogger Photoshoot

Fresh off the back of a blogger photoshoot with Amani, the next day I shot with Juliet, who blogs at Not Capulet. (Good name for a blog, right?)

We started with a coffee and prayed that the rain would hold off, exchanging photos of our cats in the meantime. When we decided to brave the elements (it was pretty windy by this time), we went in search of some flowers. Juliet had an open mind about what kind of shots we would take, but the floral theme was a popular suggestion, so off we went.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the day:

Nottingham city centre is pretty bereft of flowers, but we managed to find a few. From Broadway Cinema (which Quentin Tarantino loved so much that he used it for the UK premiere of Reservoir Dogs) to Cobden Chambers, we found some pretty cool locations.

We also stopped outside Nottingham's Kitty Cafe, as Juliet regaled me with tales of many of the feline residents within. Her personal favourite, Heathcliff, was sadly nowhere to be seen. But she did have a copy of Wuthering Heights in her bag, so he was there in a sense.

I'm really happy with how the photos came out and, like the day before, it was a lot of fun. We both agreed that a blog should be about authenticity, so I hope I managed to show a bit of the real Juliet in these shots. 

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Red Hair & Neon Signs | Blogger Photoshoot

Last Sunday, I spent the morning photographing Amani Carson, a local blogger with very cool red hair.

It was a pretty new experience for both of us, but after a coffee and a few test shots, we got into the swing of things. Amani mentioned that she was after some edgy photos, so we walked to Hockley, an area of Nottingham that is packed with independent shops - and neon signs. 

Everywhere we went, we seemed to find stuff that matched or contrasted well with Amani's hair. Shop fronts, signs, street art, the lot.

Take a look at some of the best shots below:

For the photography nerds out there, I used my Nikon D600 and a couple of prime lenses - the 85mm 1.8G and 50mm 1.8D. Both served me well on the day, particularly the 85mm. It's a great focal length for these kinds of shots, and probably one of the best photography purchases I've made.

The shoot was really fun, and it was great to shoot in places I haven't tried before. Nottingham is pretty photogenic, after all.

And just like London buses, another blogger shoot came along the very next day. Check out my blogger photoshoot with Juliet, who blogs at Not Capulet.

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A Car Park Photoshoot with Daisily

Rarely does a week go by when I haven't climbed to the top of at least one Nottingham car park. No, I'm not a hobbyist with a passion for multi-storeys. I'm just a man on a mission to take portraits.

This particular time, it was a bright evening but the sun was dropping rapidly. Nottingham's many high-rise buildings cast long shadows across the city, so finding the perfect light was a challenge. Our solution? Go up and catch the last rays from on high.

The lighting wasn't the only factor to deal with, though. When we climbed the (predictably grim) staircase and arrived at the top of the car park, the wind was unrelenting. That made the top level pretty much unusable.

The shots in this blog post were all taken one floor down, where we salvaged the last of the light whilst keeping the wind at bay. I have to say, viewing Nottingham from that height made me appreciate it even more. The buildings, from the ultra-modern to the near-ancient, and the surrounding countryside make for pleasant viewing from a few storeys up.

So even if you're not after some late-evening portraits, I'd definitely recommend venturing up high now and then. See your city from a new perspective and you might grow to love it that little bit extra.

Thanks to Molly, who blogs at Daisily, for being a patient model even when the wind was blowing her fringe in all kinds of ungodly directions. You're a trooper.